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Managing Director
Univ. of Bucharest, Geography – English Dept.
I started my career in 1992, teaching English and Geography in a high-school then I continued with Business English for corporate clients.

In 2001 I set up Avalon as my first business. Now we can offer a comprehensive range of integrated language services, all of which observe the relevant industry standards. I manage a team of language and technical specialists, all experts in their field.

I love teaching and making my clients, my partners and my Avalon team the happiest people on Earth…



Translations Manager
Univ. of Bucharest, Geography – English Dept.

I have an experience of over 20 years as translator and teacher. I always liked the English language and wanted to work in team, to offer the same high standard services which I would usually expect as a client.

I believe that translating is one of the easiest ways to explore and understand the world, whatever your place of birth, race or religion are. Translations are bridges between different cultures, which allow people to get closer, so that they can get to know and respect each other.


Adrian IVANA

Project Manager
Univ. of Bucharest, English – Japanese Dept.

I used to be an engineer when I started out in life (and I still find that background useful), but I did not like it very much. Then, in 1993 I started translating professionally and at the same time I also had various languages-related activities, such as studying English and Japanese, teaching Japanese and English and even getting my PhD in Japanese linguistics.

I am familiar with a number of CAT tools and I like to tinker with computers. I also like computer games and the 18th and 19th century English literature as well as SF&F. While working with languages there is a subtle challenge in every text, and you frequently get to learn new things.



Cristina PĂROIU

Project Manager
Univ. of Bucharest, English – Japanese Dept.

For as long as I can remember English has been my passion, the language that broadened my views. It was the first step I took towards the world of foreign languages. Through English I was able to discover a new passion, the Japanese language, a passion which I have always tried to make an important part of my life.

I am a keen reader and moderate gamer, always seeking to discover new and exciting stories. I like my books and games with a hint of Japanese culture and a large dose of fantasy.

Foreign languages help me understand and experience different fantasy stories around the world.




Project Manager
Univ. Hyperion, Political Sciences Dept.

Foreign languages have always been an important part of my life. I always enjoyed discovering the worlds that lie behind every language, and the secrets that each language keeps about the ones who speak it.

Since I studied political sciences, I found that the language of every country is like the key to that country’s structure. Learning a foreign language was my way of getting closer to the secrets of every country. 

I like books and spending time with my family, the two things that always bring a smile to my face. I enjoy sipping a cup of coffee surrounded by the people who care about me.



Office Manager
Univ. of Bucharest, Law Dept.




Technical Manager
Univ. Politehnica of Bucharest



Project Manager
Univ. of Bucharest, MA, Foreign Langs. Dept.


Jessica SANDU

Project Manager
Univ. Transilvania, English-German. Dept.