Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and whispering translation)

We have acquired a vast experience in simultaneous and consecutive translations for conferences and business meetings.

All our interpreters are long-experienced professionals, whose foreign language specialization is paralleled by specific studies in other sectors, completed both in Romania and abroad.

The standard service is of eight interpreting hours per interpreter/day (six actual working hours), including breaks, two interpreters in the booth/language for more than three consecutive working hours.

In whispered interpreting the interpreter is located next to the target-language audience while whispering a simultaneous interpretation; this method does not require any equipment, but may be done via a microphone and headphones ( a tourguide translation system). Whispering is used when the majority of a group speaks the speaker’s language, and a minority (up to three people preferably) does not.

We can also provide the audio-video and translation equipment (headsets, simultaneous interpreting installations, sound equipment, wired and wireless micro-phones, video projectors, projection screens, full technical assistance, etc.) in Bucharest and everywhere in the country.