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professional translations using state of the art CAT Tools and effective project management

translation services which go much farther into the user's culture

simultaneous, consecutive and whispering translation

create and maintain the look and feel of the original document

identify and develop corporate language proficiency

plan, organize and deliver events for corporate clients all over Europe

I would like to thank you for your efforts during the six-day intensive and demanding auditing programme. The feedback we received from the Japanese inspection team is an exceptional one. You proved once more a high level of Japanese proficiency and a mastering of the clinical trials terminology . I hope this has been an equally rewarding experience for you too.


In a global context communication is paramount.

The global language industry has been growing for years, and Romania has not been left aside. The accession into the EU and the rapid development of the services and goods market made Romania very attractive to foreign investors therefore the need for quality language services has grown at a rapid pace.

Avalon has been providing since 2001 a full-range of professional language services at the highest quality standards possible. All our services bring benefits to clients, partners and suppliers.

Avalon has steadily moved from the position of a single language vendor (SLV) to a multi language vendor (MLV). Currently we process over five million words per year in over 80 language pairs.

Specializations include medical, pharmaceutical, technical, automotive, finance, marketing, legal, retail and IT&C multilingual projects.

Thanks to our vision, commitment and human and material resources we are in an ideal position to successfully complete any project, whatever its complexity at the most affordable rates. Our most complex projects also include DTP (desktop publishing) and printing, so our clients benefit from a full range of services.

Should you need interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive translations, audio-video and translation equipment for your event, Avalon can help you organize a successful conference, meeting, congress, presentation, showcase etc, in Bucharest, anywhere in Romania or even in the neighboring countries.

In order to increase our company visibility and gain access to valuable information in the industry in 2007 Avalon joined ELIA, the European Language Industry Association, www.elia-association.org and was a member for more than 11 years.